PSuzume's crafts

Pilar Jiménez - P.Suzume

Illustrator, Graphic designer and concept artist (character design).
Sometimes I do crafts, here is my crafting portfolio.

about me

Hi! I'm Pilar (you may know me as Suzume, too). I'm an illustrator, graphic designer and character designer from Madrid, Spain. Sometimes I do crafts too!!I've studied illustration and graphic design (including motion graphics and web design). I was drawing and illustration teacher for several years and now I work as freelancer for several projects such as private commissions, game jams or brand design.I love to share my work process on Twitch, where I've been creating content since 2018. On my channel I teach and comment my drawings and crafts and spend some time chatting with viewers.As I said, parallel to my main illustration and design work, I make crafts with polymer clay and epoxy, this includes figures, boxes, mechanical keycaps...If you're interested in working with me, you can email me to


Relax, they're not a mimic, but please, feed them with cute treasures.





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If you want to work with me or asking me anything, or just telling me something cool, you can fill this form and I'll read it ^^